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Repair Status Updates

Customers get instant updates – You get to keep working Easy. Awesome. FREE! Your customers want to know the status of their repair. All your customers do – all the time. And while you’d like to assure each customer that their repair is on track, the constant influx of calls gets tedious. And frankly, you […]


Getting Help is Easier and More Awesome Than EverGetting help is now easier than ever. Whether you’re an existing Collision Websites customer or just curious about the product, the Collision Websites Team is here to help.  Support Tickets and One-on-One TrainingNot sure what to do next? Check out our How To Videos. Need a little more guidance? […]

EZ Services

You’re Awesome You do great work. A lot of great work. It’s hard to describe all the awesome services your provide. You don’t have the time – you’re too busy being awesome. We know. So we did if for you. Professionally Written Auto Body Repair Services Pull from our library of professionally written Auto Body Repair […]

EZ Testimonials

Let’s face it. You’re good at what you do. Your customers are bragging about you. So put it on your website! Go ahead. Don’t be shy.  

Before & After Gallery

A picture’s worth a thousand words. Before and After pictures of your auto body repair work are worth a lot more. A whole gallery of Before and After pictures of your favorite projects that you can share online with anyone and everyone who’s looking to see just how awesome you are at what you do? That’s so […]

Optimized for Search Engines

What should my website say? It’s not easy knowing what to write for your website. Not only are you trying to write about how great you are, you’re trying to write what your customers are looking for. And what Google is looking for. And you’re answering the phone, writing up estimates, pretending you like the […]

EZ Coupon Generator

Everybody loves coupons. Right?! You can use the coupons that come with your website or create your own. Your customer prints the coupon and then brings it in when they drop off their car. Your customers save a few bucks, you get a new customer. It’s a win-win deal! It’s Easy! It’s very easy to […]

Social Media Integration

Why Bother with Social Media? Social Media is more important than ever. In fact, in the last several years, social media has become one of the leading factors influencing your site’s ranking in search engine results such as Google and Bing. Not only that, but more and more people are going online before they choose […]

Online Estimate Request

It’s not what you think Let’s get this out of the way first. This isn’t one of those online tools that claims to make your life easier while actually giving you more work to do. You don’t want to do an estimate on a potentially complicated repair online. You want to bring that potential customer […]